Monday, March 23, 2015

Indiana Poised to Sign Anti-Gay Discrimination into Law -- And I'm Fine With That

The Indiana legislature just passed a bill that will allow businesses and individuals to legally discriminate against anyone in the name of religious liberty. People are trying to get Gov. Mike Pence to veto this legislation, which is a pipe dream.

Several states -- mostly Republican led -- are introducing these bills with varying levels of success this year. I know that I should be worked up about it, but I'm not.

First, it just reminds us that the GOP and that religious conservatives aren't friends of the Friends of Dorothy. I almost never forget this, but some people need periodic reminders.

Second, it seems like social and religious conservatives need the ability to withhold services from us. They really want to tell us that they disagree with us and our families and that they don't want our money. So why give it to them?

They might have the legal ability to discriminate against us, but we will still retain the ability to publicly shame them using social and news media -- as well as word of mouth -- with our friends and family.

#BoycottDolceGabbana didn't result in these fashion designers issuing public apologies to their customer base because they violated some anti-discrimination law. It worked because people learned that the founders of D & G were hostile and catty towards the children of same-sex couples and others who've chosen IVF treatment (as well as gay adoptive parents) and they expressed outrage as the notion that our kids are viewed as "synthetic children." Now Dolce & Gabbana are synonymous with anti-gay zealots like NOM, the 700 Club, and the Family Research Council.

I'm okay with businesses and government employees being publicly shamed for being rude to unsuspecting LGBT people and allies. We don't need to take people to court or to file complaints against these places to make a point.

We just need to know which businesses don't want our money. And we need to tell our friends and family to avoid those businesses. And we also need to support those businesses who have our backs.

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