Thursday, March 26, 2015

Inhuman Torch?? // Meet the Uncanny Inhumans!

Marvel Comics has been working over the past few years to make the Inhumans into something bigger than they had been. Basically, they don't have the rights to the X-Men when it comes to making movies (and making money off the movies). Marvel Comics still likes its mutants, but they realized that they could do movies that essentially tell the same tales of societal alienation and prejudice in their own studios using Inhumans instead. So they blew up a big Terrigan bomb over New York City and caused thousands of unsuspecting humans worldwide to suddenly realize that they have Inhuman blood coursing through their veins.

I've been reading INHUMAN over the past year, which has introduced us to several of these NuHumans. Some, like Inferno and Nur and Ms. Marvel, interest me. Others, like Naja and Iso and Reader, bore me. I like the concept behind the Inhumans and behind INHUMAN itself. INHUMAN suffers from shifting story focus and inconsistent artists. IMHO, as always. But I keep reading.

Marvel Comics recently announced that a second Inhumans-themed title will be published soon: UNCANNY INHUMANS. The line-up was revealed earlier today: Medusa, Triton, Inferno, Naja, Iso, and... the Human Torch??

I'm not sure what I think of this line-up. There is a lot of repetition in appearances and powers with this line-up, plus we're already seeing all of these characters -- excluding Johnny Storm -- over in INHUMAN. So why not draw in some fresh characters in UNCANNY INHUMANS??

Here are some characters I would have liked to see on this team:

*Crystal from the Royal Family. She has pretty much disappeared over the past year, with the exception of some recent appearances in ALL NEW X-FACTOR.

*Talon from the Guardians of the Galaxy (90s team). Has has claws and agility, plus he knows some wicked magic!

*Yeti from MARVEL: THE LOST GENERATION. He's a wild creatures who's been cut off for years from the Inhumans. He's a wild card, which is always fun on a team!

*Geldhoff. He's a NuHuman who was introduced in one of the X-MEN annuals. He has pretty powerful energy powers and is a little shifty. Did I mention that he is from Latveria? What better excuse to utilize Doctor Doom as an occasional villain??

*Red Raven: She's the winged daughter of the original Red Raven. She's from a secret society of Inhuman bird-people, which fits in with the current theme of hidden societies of Inhumans. Plus, every team needs a winged member!

*One of the Alpha Primitives -- or possibly some new NuHuman who's taken it upon him/herself to liberate the Inhumans' slave race. Let's face it. The existence of the Alpha Primitives makes the Inhumans look like a bunch of jerks. Now imagine that the Inhumans are being integrated amidst humanity and it's discovered that they have slaves. I don't imagine that this would be received well.

But I wasn't consulted when the actual UNCANNY INHUMANS were conceived.

What do you think of the new team? And what do you think of Johhny Storm's presence on the team? I'd love to read your thoughts in the comments section!

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