Saturday, March 7, 2015

Meet Ms. Molecule!

I've written a few times about Charlton Neo, the resurrection of the classic Charlton Comics, and the online Pix-C Web Comics, which provides weekly strips of several Charlton Comics characters -- not to mention a few new characters!

One of my favorite new characters is a new shrinking superhero named Ms. Molecule! She started out as a snarky comment on a Facebook status update and quickly evolved into an ongoing Pix-C Web Comics strip! Here's what happened:

Earlier this year, Marvel Comics and DC Comics both announced live-action versions of their own shrinking superheroes, Ant-Man and Atom. Somebody -- I think it was Mort Todd, but don't hold me to it -- noted that Charlton Comics doesn't/didn't have any of its own shrinking characters and challenged everyone to come up with silly suggestions. Given that the Charlton Arrow and Charlton Neo Facebook pages are both filled with comic book pros, it didn't take long before folks began shouting out silly suggestions for a shrinking character.

But the idea was planted and a comic book fan named Rene King Thompson quickly came up with the idea for a new character named Ms. Molecule and the idea stuck. She teamed up with artist Sandy Carruthers and Ms. Molecule gained a costume design, an origin, and a mission. And within a month, Ms. Molecule joined the line-up of Pix-C Web Comics features!

Here's her origin: Maxi Moilin was an athletic young lady who found her health and life seriously threatened by an inoperable form of cancer. She volunteered for an research project and was given some experimental medication that successfully fought back against the cancer. Unfortunately, they did an MRI scan, which interacted oddly with her meds. Not only did her tumor shrinking, but Molly herself gained the ability to shrink to microscopic size. As long as she remains small, her cancer will will remain benign. However, the disease will return should she return to her normal size. So now she uses her tiny ability to help others with medical complications, acting as a walking, talking form of human nanotech!

As long as she remains small, Maxi's cancer will will remain benign. However, the disease will return should she return to her normal size. So now she uses her tiny ability to help others with medical complications in the form of Ms. Molecule!

The first two installments of her storyline involved her being inserted into an unidentified man's heart in order to perform hands-on microscopic surgery on his heart. She quickly discovers another microscopic person within the man's heart. It's up to Ms. Molecule to stop the bad guy and protect this man's ticker!

I'm really looking forward to future installments of "Ms. Molecule" on Pix-C Web Comics. I can't wait to see who the mystery assailant is who is attacking her patient. He's presumably a minion, which means that there's a greater enemy waiting to be encountered as Maxi's adventures continue!

I think you still have a day or two to access Pix-C Web Comics for free, but after that you need to pay for membership to gain ongoing access to these weekly comic strips, as well as other perks depending on your level of financial support. It's definitely worth checking out!


Steven Thompson said...

Not quite a year late but I just spotted your review and shared it with Rene! New adventures with a new artist are right around the corner and yes, you WILL finally find out more about the Big Bad!

Jon said...

Thanks Steven! Tell Rene that I really enjoy this strip. Heck, I like pretty much everything coming out of Pix-C comics -- though it's sad to learn of Angel Gabriele's recent death. I was looking forward to his work on "No Name," plus his N.E.O. work was good also.