Friday, March 20, 2015

Pet Avengers Update: RIP Redwing!!

Remember how excited I was last month that the Pet Avengers would be reuniting very soon? It looks like one of the team's charter members won't be making the reunion following events in this week's ALL-NEW CAPTAIN AMERICA #5.

For those who don't know, Steve Rogers (AKA the original Captain America) was de-powered last year and turned into an old man. His sidekick Sam Wilson (FKA the Falcon) ended up assuming Captain America's identity.

For years, Wilson has shared a psychic link with a pet falcon known as Redwing. Redwing joined the Pet Avengers. But now it looks like Redwing is pushing up daisies due to a run-in with the World War II villain Baron Blood.

It's possible that Redwing isn't dead. Maybe Baron Blood just stunned him. It's also possible that Redwing will come back from the dead thanks to Baron Blood's vampiric nature. Which might be interesting since I've never heard of a vampiric bird before.

Regardless, this is a sad week for the Pet Avengers.

RIP Redwing.


Anthony said...

A vampiric bird? Take it you've not seen the 80s UK cartoon "Count Duckula" then? :-)

Jon said...

I totally forgot about him!

Also, I think Howard went through a very brief vampire stage way back when.