Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Not Cool: Various States/Cities Officially Boycotting Indiana Over RFRA

So there's the whole Indiana "Religious Freedom Restoration Act" and fall-thing thing going on. Remember that? (here and here) I'm already tired of hearing about it on the various radio programs and podcasts that I routinely listen to. Don't get me wrong. I don't mind that citizens are protesting their state government. I don't have a problem with businesses who are second-guessing their economic involvement with the state.

But now I'm hearing about local and state governments who are boycotting official business with the State of Indiana over this law?? We're talking about Connecticut and Washington and New York and Portland. I vaguely remember more, but these were the easiest to find.

Do we really want to set this precedent? What happens when Indiana boycotts Iowa for being a marriage equality state?

Like it or not, we are part of a shared nation. Our chunks of government need to work with other chunks of government. Even when we don't fully agree on everything. Because we're a shared nation and because we don't want to start another civil war.

In other words, New York and Washington and Connecticut and Portland and whomever else needs to get over themselves. These municipal boycotts are just grandstanding efforts and they're not good for America.

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