Saturday, March 28, 2015

Who's the Best Dancing Star in Riverdale? Find Out in BETTY AND VERONICA COMICS DOUBLE DIGEST #232!

This was a huge week for new comic books coming out of Archie Comics. I ended up getting three digests plus one regular comic book. And that's not even counting my Marvel Comics books and my online Charlton Comics/PIX-C Web Comics! I thought I would start out this week's reviews with the BETTY AND VERONICA COMICS DOUBLE DIGEST #232!

This digest features a brand-new lead story featuring Betty & Veronica (who else??). It stands out a bit to me because I recently watched my first episode of "Dancing With The Stars." This story starts with B&V watching their favorite dance program on the Lodge's big-screen TV. The show appears to be a cross between "DWTS" and "American Idol," because fans are encouraged to try out their moves on the show.

This leads to a frenetic and kinetic story where Veronica hires Riverdale's best choreographer and Betty recruits Riverdale's finest teen dancers for dual crash-courses in dance moves!

I'll leave it up to you to pick up your copy of the digest (filled also with several retro stories featuring Betty, Veronica, and Sabrina the Teenage Witch) to see if either girl makes their audition!

By the way, check out some of the competing dance moves from B&V's favorite dance program? Those are either some of the worst dancers or some of the best dancers ever!

"Dippy Dancings" is written by Alex Simmons, penciled by Dan Parent, inked by Jim Amash, lettered by Jack Morelli, and colored by Digikore Studios.

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