Tuesday, April 21, 2015

All New X-Men's Iceman Comes Out as Gay

A few years ago, the original teen X-Men (Cyclops, Beast, Jean Grey, Iceman, and Angel) traveled to the present to stop a mutant civil war. And then they got stuck here in the present. They gradually joined up with Kitty Pryde (AKA "Professor K") and X-23 (AKA Wolverine's female clone) and have all sorts of fun as the All New X-Men. Which is kind of ironic since most of them are technically the "All Old X-Men." But I digress...

I haven't read their latest issue yet (ALL NEW X-MEN #40, which gets released tomorrow), but it seems that one of these young X-Men comes out as gay. I'm talking about young Bobby Drake (AKA Iceman).

He's been laying it on a bit too thick with the girls, so Jean (our resident telepath) pulls him aside. She tells him to knock it off, because... well, you know. She finally spells out what's been bouncing through his head. He's gay.

He's confused, because the older Iceman isn't gay.

Which is interesting. The older Iceman lived for years with Charles Xavier. Do you suppose he mentally manipulated that Iceman to be heterosexual? It's an interesting thought.

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