Thursday, April 16, 2015

Christian Auto Shop in Michigan: We Will Turn Away All Gay Customers

The owner of an auto repair business called Dieseltec decided to post a Facebook rant about how Christian gun-owners are under attack. He attacked unions. But most specifically, he made a public announcement that his business will refuse service to openly gay people. Because of Christianity and because of nuts and bolts:
I would not hesitate to refuse service to an openly gay person or persons. Homosexuality is wrong, period. If you want to argue this fact with me then I will put your vehicle together with all bolts and no nuts and you can see how that works.
Keep in mind that it's completely legal to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation in Grandville, Michigan.

Dieseltec owner Brian Klawiter later clarified with the local news:
While Klawiter acknowledges that the post could be viewed as offensive, he says he doesn’t regret writing it. 

 “I think I exercised a little more freedom than I would on a news broadcast,” Klawiter said of his post, adding that he didn’t expect the post to get the attention it has. “If you have a vehicle that needs to be repaired, we’d be happy to do that for you. But if you want to come in here with your boyfriend and you want to openly display that, that’s just not going to be tolerated here. We don’t believe that here.” 

Klawiter says he isn’t asking clientele about their sexuality, but is emphatic that he won’t tolerate “outward” affectionate behavior between same-sex couples. 

Asked to consider his post from the eyes of a person who is gay, Klawiter responded: “I think it would be made pretty clear to me that I’m not welcome there, which I would almost consider that enlightening. I would know exactly where not to go.”
It is completely unclear to me why this guy started this rant. It reminds me of Memories Pizza that assumed that same-sex couples would want to use their pizza parlor as a wedding catering business.

I often fantasize about starting my own business. I've thought about running a small hotel and I've thought about running a pet supply/grooming business. I have never thought about which customers I would turn away. Nor have I thought about posting material that would upset potential customers and disrupt business.

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