Saturday, April 18, 2015

Coming Soon to Iowa City: 105.3 FM Public Access Radio

I learned last night (via the Cedar Rapids Gazette) that Uptown Bills' Extend the Dream Foundation has acquired the rights to a low-power FM license from the FCC. It appears that this will be a public access radio station of sorts. It will be at 105.3 FM and will have a five-mile broadcast radius. They are also looking into creating an online radio presence.

From the article:
Holly Hart, who has 30 years of experience in the radio industry, most recently at KSUI/WSUI, said discussions are underway to potentially attach that transmitter to existing infrastructure on top of Old Brick Church and Community Center at 26 E. Market St. Hart said approval from a cellphone company will be needed to proceed, and if it is not granted, officials will build their own tower.

First, officials say they will need to raise between $15,000 and $20,000 to pay for the engineering and equipment necessary to get 105.3 FM on the air. A fundraising page was established earlier this week on

Temporary studio space also has been offered at the PATV building, 206 Lafayette St., and Hart said the hope is to be on the air by late summer or early fall.

Hart said programming still is coming together, but added that she hopes to have a structured format with a mix of original local content, national programming and music. 

“I didn’t want to play into the old stereotype of community radio which has polka music one hour, French news the next, cooking show the third hour, but have something that’s actually like a real format because people who listen to radio, they listen to format,” Hart said. 

Similar to PATV’s programming, qualified residents interested in creating original content might have that opportunity, she added. “If they have a viable program idea and can put together a pilot, we could offer them a show,” Hart said.
So throw a few bucks at their GoFundMe fundraiser and then figure out if you have a story to tell or a gift to show off. This might be your first step towards radio stardom!

Learn more about Uptown Bill's here:

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