Monday, April 27, 2015

Georgia Graphics Franchise Refuses to Print Invitations for Lesbian Brides

Yet another anti-gay business is in the news this week for turning away customers because they are a lesbian couple. This time around, the vendor is Alpha Graphics, a franchise based out of Suwanee, GA:
A Suwanee company has refused to print wedding invitations for a gay couple bringing a national debate to metro Atlanta's backyard. The owner of the local Alpha Graphics franchise, Alan Akins says he declined the job because of his religious beliefs.

Paige Beckwith says throughout her wedding planning process she has been open with vendors that there would be two brides on the wedding day. She says none of the vendors seemed to care, but him.

Beckwith says she contacted the company after being referred by a friend. They were trying to go with a train theme. Their engagement photos... were on railroad tracks. Their reception would be at an old train depot in Lawrenceville. They wanted the invitations to look like a train ticket, so she needed a company that could design and print them.

"The owner called me back and let me know that he's not going to print our invitations because he does not support same sex marriage," said Beckwith.

"I kept asking him how, why, how he could do this? He just basically stood on his religious beliefs, referenced the Bible, called it a sin, and I was basically in tears saying how could you treat me this way?," she recalled.
Aktins has confirmed that he turned away the lesbian couple based off his religious beliefs, which is his legal right under Georgia law.

The couple complained to Alpha Graphics' corporate office, who apologized and offered to design and print their invitations free of charge.

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