Thursday, April 2, 2015

Indiana's Memories Pizza: Closed Following Anti-Gay TV Interview

(Originally written on 04/01/15): I wrote about Memories Pizza earlier today. This is a small-town pizza restaurant somewhere in Indiana that decided to out themselves as a business that would refuse to cater at any hypothetical gay wedding. Like there are tons of couples -- gay or straight -- who want their wedding receptions catered with pizza.

I have no clue why they put themselves out there like this. Maybe they just wanted to make a name for themselves. Which they did. But not in a good way. Memories Pizza has been all over the Internet and on blogs. A couple of the podcasts that I listen to were mocking the business.

And then tons of people began going onto online review websites like Yelp to give the business bad reviews. Which is something I really hate. I hate it when people go onto Yelp and mess with business' ratings, especially if they have never been there before and they have no intention of ever going there.

And then somebody bought the domain name for Memories Pizza's business website. They have pranked the business and linked it to gay porn.

Now the owner of Memories Pizza has decided to close until things calm down a bit.

Why do people have to be such jerks? Was it necessary to close down this business by calling them and taking over their website? What do these actions make supporters of LGBT rights and marriage equality look like? We just validated their fears that the big gay boogeymen are gonna come and destroy their lives!

Most of us will never and would never have the opportunity to visit this restaurant. So why should we care so much about their opinions that we will take them out?

I'm really not happy with my community today. Not at all.

Updated on 04/02/15: The owners of Memories Pizza have pretty much given up on Memories Pizza. A GoFundMe campaign has been started on their behalf and people have donated close to $270,000 (as of this writing) to the business' owners.

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