Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Black Hood Hunts for Pittsburgh's Kingpin in Issue #3!

THE BLACK HOOD #3 came out earlier this week. This comic book features Officer Gregory Hettinger, a Pittsburgh cop who interrupted a fight between the previous Black Hood and a bunch of thugs. Officer Hettinger managed to kill the Black Hood, but not before getting shot in the face by one of the thugs. He then began a descent into depression and prescription drug addiction. Things eventually escalated to the point where he was brutally beating criminals on the streets and stealing their drugs -- often while wearing the Black Hood's bloodied mask.

Last issue, he finally caused enough trouble that a local kingpin began pulling strings with his own street connections, as well as his connection on the Pittsburgh police force, and planted a large batch of drugs in Hettinger's apartment. This led to a very public arrest.

Hettinger is quickly released from jail and placed on desk duties within the station. He vows to hunt down the man who framed him. Which he does, dressed as the Black Hood. He spends much of this issue hunting down leads and asking one simple question before beating the shit out of them: "Who is above you?"

It's kind of hard to feel too sorry for Hettinger's public arrest. After all, just last issue he was beating up pushers and blowing the brains out of street criminals in order to feed his high.

It's hard to argue that his arrest really did him a service. He's weening himself off of most of his meds. He's exercising again and getting out of the house. He's even reconnected with his speech therapist, Jessie Dupree, after nearly two weeks of avoiding their sessions.

Meanwhile, the new Black Hood allows his obsessive hunt through Pittsburgh's drug culture to get detoured from time-to-time to push back against various other crimes, starting with a gay bashing incident that just happens to occur one night while he is near. This was followed by other "off-mission" crimes such as a carjacking and a home invasion. It's a hopeful sign that Black Hood's fight can be more than about himself.

Pittsburgh's secret kingpin isn't happy about the Black Hood's return and wants information about him. Which leads to a graveside confrontation between two of his key men and Hettinger/Black Hood over the grave of the last Black Hood.

"The Bullet's Kiss Part Three" is written by Duane Swierczynski, penciled/inked by Michael Gaydos, lettered by Rachel Deering, and colored by Kelly Fitzpatrick.

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