Saturday, April 11, 2015

Who Are the Knightingales?

I've written a few times recently about Charlton Neo, which is a resurrection of the classic Charlton Comics lines; as well as Pix-C Web Comics, which features public domain characters from Charlton Comics as well as a few other characters.

Pix-C Web Comics doesn't just feature superhero strips. There are also humor strips and horror strips (such as THE SPOOKMAN). I learned last week of three new strips that are debuting this weekend on Pix-C Web Comics. All three looks interesting, but KNIGHTINGALES has proven to be my favorite so far!

I've shared before that I've become a fan of Charlton Comics' cheesy romance stories. It's not uncommon for me to read online copies of stuff like BRIDES IN LOVE, INTIMATE, ROMANTIC SECRETS, and MY SECRET LIFE late at night before bed. But I've really enjoyed reading medical romance titles like NURSE BETSY CRANE and CYNTHIA DOYLE: NURSE IN LOVE.

Both women spent their days saving patients and solving mysteries -- all the while pining after one doctor or another! KNIGHTINGALES brings Nurses Betsy Crane and Cynthia Doyle back to comics -- but twists their lives into something completely alien! It appears that a plague has infected their world. Their city is virtually abandoned by 1966 -- surrendered to cannibalistic menaces known as the Feeders! It's unclear from looking at them if the Feeders are zombies or vampires or some other mutated form humanity.

Regardless, Nurses Crane and Doyle have vowed to nurse their community back to health -- or die trying!

You can read the Knightingales' first adventures -- not to mention The Face, Eddie Crossbones, N.E.O., Skyman, Molly the Model, The Spookman, Sadistik, Ms. Molecule, and several other great characters, by becoming a patron of Pix-C Web Comics. Those who become patrons (for as little as $1 per month) gain access to several weekly online comic strips. The more you pledge, the more perks you qualify for. I've been contributing $30 per month towards this venture. I encourage to you to become a patron too!

KNIGHTINGALES is written by Roger McKenzie & drawn by Dærick Gröss Sr.

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