Saturday, April 4, 2015

Who's Flooding Riverdale with Free Snack Packages?? Find out in WORLD OF ARCHIE COMICS DOUBLE DIGEST #48

I think I finally caught up with my various Archie Comics digests this week! We were offered a really great treat with WORLD OF ARCHIE COMICS DOUBLE DIGEST #48 featuring some really great classic stories starring Archie, Jughead, the Riverdale Gang, Suzie, and Super Duck. But there's a great brand-new lead story featuring artwork by Rex Lindsey! It's possible that I missed something, but I haven't seen new artwork by Rex Lindsey since the JUGHEAD comic book got canceled a few years back. It's really good to see him in action again and it's totally worth the price of admission to see him render Jughead again -- not to mention Two-Fisted Toni Topaz!

She's one of my favorite D-List Archie Comics characters. Don't ask me why. She's up there with Archie 1, Cosmo the Merry Martian, Super Duck, and Catfish Joe in my book. I keep thinking that there are some really great stories involving Toni Topaz, but she doesn't do much more than show up. But she shows up a lot on the various Archie Comics covers and I'm okay with that -- understanding that lots of other Archie fans are puzzled by her continued presence!

Back to the story...

Archie receives a package filled with all sorts of snacks. He has no idea where they came from, but assumes that somebody -- most likely Betty -- decided to give him a daily supply of new treats. And it's not just Archie. Everyone is getting them. Moose is. Dilton is. Toni Topaz has them. Reggie, Roni, Chuck, and all of the New Kids. Everyone is gorging on free snacks from some mysterious benefactor:

Except that they aren't free snacks. Somebody took out a subscription for these daily snack and now the bills are arriving in the mail.

Buy one, get one free?? I think you can figure out who's behind these mysterious snack packages!

I listen to a lot of podcasts everyday. Some are political. Some are LGBT-related. Some of faith-driven. A couple of them feature old-time radio stories. But several of them feature advertisements featuring mail-in healthy snack packages. I cannot remember then name of the brand for the life of me, but this story definitely reminded me of that sponsor (sans the sponsor's actual name!)

"Snack Attack" was written by Tania Del Rio; penciled, inked, and lettered by Rex Lindsey; and colored by Digikore Studios.


Donny Hampton Jacobs said...

Remember that, in my Archie 4 Adults saga, Toni plays a big part . . . she stars on stage with Juggy and Kevin Keller, records a Number One Pop single, tours the world with The Archies and ends up joining the group! I felt she was far too good a character to ignore.

Dennis said...

About those "advertisements featuring mail-in healthy snack packages"... do they also offer snack packages of the UNhealthy snack variety? I find any food that has the reputation of being "unhealthy" as a pretty reliable indicator of its tastiness factor. Now, THAT I'd be willing to subscribe a 'friend' to for a free snack package!