Monday, May 11, 2015

Archie Comics Launches #NewRiverdale: $350,000 Kickstarter Campaign

Archie Comics launched a $350,000 Kickstarter campaign earlier today. The goal is to use the money to seed three new comic book titles for six issues each. These titles are...

BETTY & VERONICA #1: This new series would presumably supplant the existing BETTY & VERONICA series and place them within the revamped Archie Comics Universe. BETTY & VERONICA #1 will feature writing and art by Adam Hughes.

JUGHEAD #1: Not much is known about this new series, but it will feature writing by Chip Zdarsky. I'm not familiar with his SEX CRIMINALS series, but I love his work on Marvel Comics' HOWARD THE DUCK. No artist has been linked yet to this series.

And then there is LIFE WITH KEVIN #1 (Formerly known as KEVIN IN THE CITY): This series has been floating around for several months and will feature an older Kevin Keller (along with BFF Veronica Lodge) as they move to New York City. This series will be written and drawn by Dan Parent. Frankly, I prefer the new comic book title.

Fans are encouraged to pledge anywhere from $1 to $9,995 and the campaign is scheduled to last for one month. As of this writing, the campaign has raised nearly $19,000.

Response has been mixed to the Kickstarter campaign. The Comic Reporter reached out to Archie Comics co-CEO Jon Goldwater to get more information. He basically says that they are investing a boatload of company money into a deal that will allow them to sell their digests at both Wal-Mart and Target. As a result, money that was being invested internally towards these three titles is now being delayed.

He says that they don't want to miss out on the buzz created by the launch of ARCHIE #1, hence the Kickstarter campaign. Goldwater noted that these three titles will eventually be released even if the Kickstarter campaign isn't successful. But the launch of these three titles will be delayed without the Kickstarter campaign.

Follow this link if you wish to contribute towards the #NewRiverdale Kickstarter campaign.


Anonymous said...

I donated $45 to the campaign and looking these titles and being that they revamped. It's going be awesome.

Donny Hampton Jacobs said...

I'm shocked . . . Archie Comics, needing Kickstarter funds? Are they that strapped financially?

Jon said...

That is the question, Donny.