Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Dodgers Stadium Kiss Cam Captures Gay Couple!

You know about Kiss Cams, right? That's when sports watchers are randomly spotlighted by a stadium during a lull in the game. Couples are encouraged to smooch for the others. It can be sweet. I can be awkward. It's often silly. But it's almost always heterosexual.

A video is making the rounds involving a May 2nd baseball game at Dodger Stadium. The Kiss Cam kicked off and the couples began smooching.

Then about 30 seconds into the festivities, a male couple was captured by the Kiss Cam. The couple promptly smooched and the Kiss Cam moved onto the next couple.

Multiple sources have noted how positively this couple's inclusion was received by those at the Dodgers Game. It's a sign that things are quickly changing for the positive.

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