Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Female Thor's Secret Identity Revealed!

Late last year, Marvel Comics relaunched Thor as a female Goddess of Thunder after the original Thor became unworthy to wield Mjolnir. Up until now, her secret identity has been a tightly-held secret. But readers learned earlier today in THOR #8 that the new Thor's secret identity is Dr. Jane Foster... and apparently her superheroic adventures are killing her!:
The story reveals the new heroine to be Dr. Jane Foster, a former girlfriend of the hero who has been battling breast cancer. 
“Jane Foster has been part of the Thor comics and the Thor mythology from almost the very beginning,” Mr. Aaron said. “The very act of picking up this hammer, of becoming Thor, is killing her. Where we go from here is the real story.” 
It seems that her cancer doesn't affect her when she is transformed into Thor, but it comes back stronger than ever when she transforms back into Jane.

But it appears that she is willing to make that sacrifice for the greater good.

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