Friday, May 22, 2015

Little Archie Meets the Mask??

I've been so busy dealing with family events and writing about the Duggars that I haven't had the opportunity to write anything yet this week about comic books! I will try to shift gears towards that direction over the weekend. Case in point: ARCHIE VS. PREDATOR #2! Featuring Little Archie and the Mask!

It's a cute little story featuring Riverdale USA on a night where the fireworks display got canceled for one reason or another. Then Little Archie discovers a mysterious green mask totem and is able to transform into the mischievous Mask.

Who knows what kind of trouble Little Archie/the Mask would have gotten into if not for Little Sabrina??

So we saw Sabrina meet Hellboy in AVP #1 and Little Archie crossover with the Mask in AVP #2. What kind of crossover do you expect to see in AVP #3??

"Little Mask and his Pals" was written by Alex de Campi with artwork by Art Baltazar.

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