Thursday, May 28, 2015

Pat Robertson of "700 Club": Gay Men Are Recruiting Impressionable Young Teens!

Pat Robertson went on a "gay-men-are-after-your-boys" rant during the "Bring It On" on today's "700 Club."

A woman named Nancy posed the following question: "My son is gay. He is in a relationship with a man who is married and has 2 grown daughters. They are very active in our church, but no one is aware of this situation. His wife has no idea. My son lives with me. What would the Lord want me to do? I pray about this situation constantly. I am a widow."

Pat flew off the handle, assuming that Nancy's son is a teen:
Pat Robertson: Look, the guy who is having sex with your son – married man – pedophile. And he’s in the church. I’d go to the pastor. I’d go to the elders and say, “Listen. This guy is hitting on my son and it’s a relationship that is outrageous. 

Co-Host: He’s married and got children and now he’s taken up with my son. He’s a pedophile. She’s a widow and she’s afraid her son will probably get mad and leave. 

Pat Robertson: Well, if he leaves, he leaves. Tough luck. But I mean, she needs to go to the church and get that thing straightened out. Her son right now doesn’t know what he wants. He doesn’t know if he’s a homosexual or not a homosexual. But this man is trying to talk him into that. 

You know, there’s so many people, young people, impressionable… Some coach comes after them. Some adult comes after them. Some older sibling comes after them. And they somehow think that because they did this I must be gay. Well, he doesn’t know that for sure. He doesn’t know what sexual identity he’s got. But for this man to do something like that and hide in the church, you can’t allow that. 

You need to go to him – that’s what the Bible says. You see somebody. You go to such a one and you go to the elders. You bring that to the church and you say “You’ve got to deal with this thing.” And if they don’t, then you need to find another church.
Pat's co-host seemed to understand that it's more likely that Nancy's son is an adult who lives and helps care for his aging mother. Which is as much an assumption as Pat's assumption that Nancy's son is a teen who's been perped on by this older man. But -- given the limited information contained within the question -- it's more likely that Nancy's son is an adult and not a teen.

His co-host tried reigning Pat in, but he was having none of that. After all, he had a stereotyped meme to perpetuate!

You can watch the whole segment here.


Katy Anders said...

It's hard for me to believe some of the crazy clips I've seen of Robertson's viewer mail segments.

Incidentally, I have a friend who worked for a cable station (putting in the local and national ads into programming) for two decades. He explained to me that 700 Club is a paid ad - it's not considered station programming. Pat Robertson buys the extended time like any other paid programming.

I never knew that.

Jon said...

My understanding was that Pat Robertson sold Family Channel to one corporate group or another with the caveat that "700 Club" would always be run on that channel. But it wouldn't surprise me if they paid to be on other channels too!