Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Ghost Fox Makes his Debut -- Just as the Fox Hunt Begins!

THE FOX: FOX HUNT #2 was published this week. It's easily my favorite comic book featuring Paul Patton, Jr. (AKA the Fox). Patton is a former superhero who cannot get the Fates to understand that he is a former superhero. After years of superheroing, the Fox has become a "freak magnet." It doesn't matter if he's photographing something for work or, in this case, going to the bank with his son. If there's something freaky out there, it's inevitably drawn to him!

Last issue, Patton was mistakenly blamed for a ruined water project. Mister Smile, an evil corporate CEO with lots of money but little morals, has issued a $1 million bounty on the Fox's head. Now all sorts of old Dark Circle/Red Circle super-villains have come forward to claim the money.

THE FOX #2 starts out with Patton and Shinji lying face down in a bank during a robbery. Patton is content to let the police handle things. That said, Shinji has different plans! He has chosen today to unleash his own superhero identity: Ghost Fox!

Fox // Ghost Fox
Unfortunately, Ghost Fox's debut triggers a metamorphosis. The robber begins contorting and explodes a giant hulk known as Brontosaurus! Brontosaurus' appearance then triggers the appearance of two other villains from last issue -- not to mention the Mighty Crusaders' past!

I understand that the various Archie/Red Circle/Dark Circle villains aren't terribly familiar to your average reader. You get what you need by reading this story, but maybe I can offer some basic back story:

Brontosaurus is a sort of undead behemoth who was once a member of a team of villains known as the Eliminators. He appears to insert himself into human hosts. And then, when the moment is right, he explodes out of his host. He is very large and very strong.

The Fox originally planned to assist his son against Brontosaurus, but got sidetracked by another villain known as Elasto. Elasto is a former FBI scientist who became rubbery and evil after being exposed to a mysterious chemical. He has pretty cool stretchy powers, that also allow himself or parts of himself to grow really large.

And then we met up with the Gadgeteer (AKA the Mad Gadgeteer). He is a crook who found a supercomputer and used it to create all sorts of weapons and gadgets.

The Fox and Ghost Fox eventually come out on top. Now Patton finds himself struggling to get Shinji to quit his costumed identity before he begins -- and Shinji wants NOTHING to do with that plan! Meanwhile, Mister Smile -- upon learning of the others' defeat -- prepares a new wave of villains for their second assault of the Fox!

Once again, this is a very fun series. There is tons of action and plenty of banter. You definitely want to check it out. "The Other Side" is written by Dean Haspiel & Mark Waid; with art by Dean Haspiel; lettering by John Workman & Rachel Deering; and colors by Allen Passalaqua.

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