Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Marin Foundation Going Through Unspecified Organizational Changes

I was on Facebook yesterday and noticed the following message from the Marin Foundation:

I had noticed earlier that both Michael Kimpan and Jason Bilbrey had recently left the Marin Foundation. And Andrew Marin himself has been studying in Scotland for the past couple years and removed from the day-to-day operations of this agency.

The Marin Foundation is a non-profit organization operating within Chicago's Boystown neighborhood. It's goal is to build a bridge between the Christian and the LGBT communities. I began chatting with Andrew Marin several years ago and eventually became friends with him and his wife, though I haven't chatted with them much since they moved overseas.

TMF has always been controversial with both conservative Christians and with members of the LGBT communities for it's firm insistence on remaining neutral when it came to the question of homosexuality and the Church. The group has been more interested in offering a voice to all and helping everyone try to learn from each others' perspective as opposed to stating whether or not homosexuality is sinful or gay marriage is okay. I've supported the group financially over the years and even participated in TMF's "Love Is An Orientation" DVD curriculum.

I'm not sure why both Kimpan and Bilbrey left so close to one another or if it was just a big coincidence. But I'm curious how the Marin Foundation will look as an organization once their reorganization process is completed.

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