Thursday, May 21, 2015

Three Degrees of Separation from David Letterman

You probably heard about David Letterman's retirement program last night. I didn't watch the show, but thought I would share my tangential connection to David Letterman.

David Letterman filmed an episode of his daytime talk show in Cresco, IA, back on October 22, 1980. Now, I didn't live in or near Cresco back in 1980. I was still living with my family back in Nebraska. But I eventually moved to a community near Cresco a few years later.

It seems that viewers of Letterman's old daytime talk show had been invited to send essays to the program promoting their communities. The winner of the contest would get to host an episode of the program at their home for one day. Letterman would also air segments of the program in other areas of the community.

Jane Goldsworthy of Cresco, IA, was the winner:
A few weeks later, Letterman, who will end his record-setting run on late night TV Wednesday, hosted an episode of "The David Letterman Show" from Goldsworthy's living room. The show featured Iowan Cloris Leachman as well as local stupid pet tricks and pre-taped packages of Letterman doing man-on-the-street interviews in Cresco.
Not only did Goldsworthy and her family host David Letterman and his production crew. But actress Cloris Leachman was also there for an interview.

As noted above, Letterman hosted a segment of stupid pet tricks outside of the Goldsworthy home. A future friend of mine named Matt appeared on the stupid pet tricks segment with his mother and younger sister. His pet's trick? I'm not really sure, but it ended up being a strip-tease act!

Matt came to the show with a pig named Miss Piggy. Miss Piggy was wearing a wig and a dress. Almost immediately, the pig tore out of her dress and then began urinating on the ground. If you follow the link in the quoted section, you can see a portion of Miss Piggy's act. It's pretty funny stuff!

What fun memories that this family gets to share!

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