Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Video Appears to Show Clinton Motorcade Traveling Through Iowa at Speeds of Up To 95 MPH

The Daily Mail posted a video of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton purportedly at speeds of up to 95 MPH between Mason City and Waterloo, IA. Interestingly, the Iowa Department of Public Safety seems less concerned about the motorcade and more concerned about the person following it and making a video:
A journalist for the tabloid The Daily Mail wrote a story about Clinton’s motorcade that includes video showing a speedometer at 95 mph as the vehicle was catching up to the campaign’s vehicles. However, it’s not clear from the video exactly how fast the vehicles were traveling in the campaign motorcade. The video was reportedly filmed Monday between Mason City and Waterloo.

Iowa Department of Public Safety spokesman Alex Murphy said Tuesday the video creates concern for public safety because the individual taking the video was traveling at a noticeably high rate of speed, far over the posted speed limit, which raises concerns and puts the safety of the motorcade, dignitary and all motorists in jeopardy.
Clinton's campaign spokeswoman denied that Cointon's motorcade was traveling that fast.

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