Thursday, June 25, 2015

Anonymous Culture Warrior Leaves Horrible Note for Grieving Widower // Says God Killed His Wife over Same-Sex Weddings

Have you watched the latest "Bachelor" program? I haven't. But that bachelor (who also appears on the latest "Dancing with the Stars" season) is based out of Arlington, IA. Arlington is a small town about two hours north of Iowa City (give or take). I've never been there, but I travel to other areas of Fayette County for work every month or so.

I came across a Facebook post tonight. It seems an Arlington family recently lost their wife/mother due to complications from an illness and surgery. Her death was back in January and it seems like the family is still (understandably) reeling from her death and their loss. They set up a GoFundMe account to help pay for her medical and funeral expenses, which hasn't done very well so far.

The widower the following message on Facebook earlier today, which has gone viral:
I am sorry this is so long....but hate takes awhile...So today as I got in my van at 5:30 this morning I found a note that was left on my drivers seat. I don't talk to very many people in Arlington because I have been too busy with taking care of Shelly and then her funeral and all. So I've pretty much kept to myself. I am a wedding minister, yet haven't performed but a few ceremonies in the last few years because of how life is for us. We set up a gofundme account to cover my wife's funeral expences because we didn't have the money to pay for it. We survive at the moment.....we don't live. I have a huge weight of guilt and pain on my shoulders. I have a hard time getting thru each day without thinking I'd be better off with my wife than here, but I have two great kids and a grandaughter that I love so much and they keep me a lil more on track. We do for ourselves. We have learned that there is a lot of bad in this world....and now I have found the center of evil. I have never been hurt by a person's words like I am today. Someone decided to.throw as much evil and hatred at me as they could. This note is from someone in the town I live in...that I be a part of. I was wrong. Whoever wrote this hateful just have no words..your the reason my heart hurts twice as much today. My tears today belong to you...I can't believe you think I deserve to be hated for reasons that make no sense in b this day and is the note found in my van.. this is from my home..sigh..this is why I don't want to be around anymore
The picture that's attached immediately below this was attached to his post:

Click the image to see it up close, but here is the text:
Reverend McBride: We recently discovered that you perform same sex weddings. That disturbs many of us in this community. Normally when someone in town dies the community comes together to do what we can for that persons family. As you may or may not have noticed is when your wife died, no one came and brought meals or even so much as condolences. That's because as a minister that performs gay weddings, you deserve all the bad that you brought upon yourself. Your wife died because God hates you for the abomination you have become by preaching His word while also catering to queers. We in this community hope you suffer as much as possible and realize that unless you change your faggot friendly ways, your suffering will only get worse. Do this town and your family a favor and get a rope and hang yourself. People like you disgust us. We don't want or need your kind around us making our town look worse. I personally hope you die a slow and ugly death. Maybe you can catch aids from your friends. Just die.
It seems that someone has already accused him of writing the note himself on local radio. This just compounded his grief.

Anyway, I just gave to his GoFundMe campaign and I encourage you to help out. My sister was in a similar situation six years ago. Not the culture war crap, but an unexpected death and very little money to pay for the funeral. It isn't a good position to be in.

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