Saturday, June 13, 2015

Fatal Mall Shooting in Coralville, IA // Shooting Suspect Arrested // Accused of Shooting Victim for Complaining of Sexual Harassment

There was a fatal mall shooting in nearby Coralville, IA, last night. It happened around 7:30 PM yesterday at the Coral Ridge Mall. 22-year-old Alexander Kozak of North Liberty, IA, is accused of shooting the 20-year-old female victim three times in the back and then fleeing the mall. He was apprehended without incident later on the Interstate near Walcott, IA.

According to news sources, Kozak was a security guard at the mall. It is being reported that he was dismissed from his job earlier yesterday after a series of sexual harassment complaints by other store employees. The Gazette reports that he admitted to the shooting, but did not report why he killed his victim.

On the other hand, KCJJ reports that his victim -- an employee at the Children's Museum -- was the latest in a series of employees who'd complained of workplace sexual harassment by Kozak. It is believed that this final complaint was the one that finally got him fired. They report that he left the mall after being fired, but then went home to get a gun. It is reported that he returned to the mall with the intent of shooting the victim. According to reports, he admitted to police that the shooting "was premeditated and he intentionally shot the woman."

Customers were eventually allowed to leave the mall after being cleared by local police.

Incidentally, KCJJ also reports that Kozak was involved in a recent "open carry" incident earlier this year:
Sources also tell KCJJ that Kozak caused a disturbance at Costco earlier this year by bringing his firearm into the store. After officials there asked him to take the gun back to his car, he objected and caused a scene.
Coral Ridge Mall is currently closed while the police complete their investigations and will remain closed at least through today.

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