Friday, June 19, 2015

Jughead Meets MIND MGMT??

Have you read ARCHIE VS. PREDATOR #3 yet? Not only does it feature the death of at least two major Archie Comics characters at the blade of the Predator, but it features yet another unexpected crossover event: Jughead Meets MIND MGMT!

I'm not terribly familiar with MIND MGMT, but it features psionic secret spies who use their abilities to manipulate global events. What would happen if they came recruiting in Riverdale USA? This story has Henry Lyme meeting up with none other than Jughead Jones. I'm thinking that Juggy would have preferred to have been left alone!

So AVP #1 witnessed Sabina meeting Hellboy, AVP #2 connected Little Archie with the Mask, and now we have an intermingling between Jughead and MIND MGMT. I can't imagine want crazy crossover that we'll see next month in AVP #4!

"'S' Is For Sleeper" was written by Alex de Campi with artwork by Matt Kindt.

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Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed these little crossovers as well! I was a bit confused with #1 as I didn't understand at first that it was just a one page crossover and not a preview of an actual series (spent awhile looking for that non-existent series online). I'm just finishing #3, and looking forward to the crossover at the end of #4, here in just a little bit!