Saturday, June 20, 2015

Kevin Keller Battles Censorship!

I wrote early last month about my 2015 Free Comic Book Day experience. Here is a continuation of that experience -- nearly six weeks later! Keep in mind that Husband Mark usually buys my comic books for me. I mean, the shop is right by his office and it's more convenient for him to go there than it is for me.

Anyway, I was wandering this past weekend downtown and decided to check out Daydreams, my local comic book shop. I noticed that they still have a few free comic books on the shelves from last month's Free Comic Book Day, so I decided to grab a copy of HELP THE CBLDF... DEFEND COMICS by the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

This comic book is filled with a bunch of different short stories that promote the CBLDF's mission of protecting comic books, creators, retailers, and librarians who find themselves legally challenged by others.

Lots of fun stories, but there was one story that I didn't expect... a short story featuring Kevin Keller and Veronica Lodge!

It seems that Kevin Keller's story was featured in a new graphic novel called "Out And About." He and the librarian were showing off the book to Veronica when a busybody named Mrs. Jenner starts ranting about the book being inappropriate and about the librarian having an agenda.

Mrs. Jenner begins stirring things up and soon has a mob of protesters at the Town Hall with the intent of banning "Out And About," as well as firing the librarian!

Fortunately, Kevin and Veronica reached out to their local CBLDF branch for assistance! The CBLDF rep shows up at the meeting and argues persuasively enough in favor of Kevin's book -- and about First Amendment freedoms in general -- to sway most of the Town Council in their favor!

Mrs. Jenner reminded me of Nora Felshop from KEVIN KELLER #10 -- the infamous first "same-sex smooch" story! I appeared on the Riverdale Podcast that week to discuss the issue and told Jonathan that I think it would be fun if Kevin developed something like Jughead's UGAJ (United Girls Against Jughead) in his supporting cast. Basically, a bunch of nosy moms who cannot stop protesting Kevin Keller because he's gay. We've got two charter members with these two ladies!

"Read Between the Lines" was written and penciled by Dan Parent, inked by Rich Koslowski, lettered by Jack Morelli, and colored by Digikore Studios.

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