Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Pat Robertson: Christians Should Shun Their Wiccan Neighbors

Pat Robertson was on the "700 Club" again earlier today and participated in the program's "Bring It On" segment. One viewer wanted to know how to respond to some new Wiccan neighbors.

Short answer? Shun them:
Co-Host: Nick writes: "A family that recently moved into my neighborhood claims to be Wiccan. I have heard from my son some of the things their daughter told him, and it really kind of frightened me to hear about spells and others concepts I've never heard of in the Bible. Should I let my son be friends with their daughter? Should I try to be friends with the family? I'm so unsure. What is the Christian thing to do?"

Pat Robertson: With a thing like that, you look at the Old Testament and it says that you don't intermarry with them and you don't give your sons to their daughters or your daughters to their sons. They'll corrupt you. These people -- you know, they say these are white witches versus black witches. There's no such thing as "good witch." It's all demonic and you don't want your children involved in that stuff. They have power. Don't think it's not real. It is real. But it's real wrong. And I would just say, "you're not permitted to go to their house or have anything to do with them." They might seem to be really pleasant people and all that, but they'll destroy your children. You have to protect them.
This is pretty much what certain Iowa lawmakers did back in April when a Wiccan priestess gave the invocation for the Iowa House of Representatives. Some of them walked out. Others turned their backs to them.

But I'm somewhat surprised that Robertson didn't encourage Nick and his family to at least pray for their new Wiccan neighbors.

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