Thursday, July 23, 2015

Archie Gets All Camped Out in ARCHIE COMICS DOUBLE DIGEST #261!

I'm so behind with my comic book reviews and summaries. I've decided that I will do the ones I can and not worry about the ones that get past me.

If you know much about me, you know that I love summer camp. I did not get to go to summer camp often when I was a kid and really regret that. As a result, I've made sure that my own boys get the opportunity to go to summer camp. So I'm a sucker when it comes to camp-themed TV shows, movies, and comic books!

Case in point: ARCHIE COMICS DOUBLE DIGEST #261, which features a camp-themed lead story starring Archie and his favorite pals and gals!

If you read the dialogue in the top-right image, you will understand the theme of this story. Archie is excited about being a camp counselor and can't wait to win the affection of his campers. Meanwhile, Jughead is warning him take a step back because Archie always makes a mess of things when he tries to hard.

The rest of the story is prophesy playing out. Scene after scene depicts Archie trying new activity or moment with his campers -- and painfully regretting it. Like when he tries the zipline and manages to give himself a major wedgy!

All of the Riverdale Gang is in this story, but only Veronica, Betty, Reggie, Juggy, Chuck, and Kevin make more than single panel mentions. You'd think that Two-Fisted Toni Topaz would warrant at least two appearances, but no dice!

Still, it's always good to see Kevin Keller in the comic books. He's in charge of the zipline at Camp Witwicky and, luckily for Archie, knows a little first aid!

Check out those mooses!
It wasn't that long ago that Kevin Keller never appeared in the comic book digests. I was worried when his book was canceled that we'd never see him again, but he continues appearing when you least expect him!

"All Camped Out" is written by Gorf, penciled by Fernando Ruiz, inked by Bob Smith, lettered by Jack Morelli, and colored by Digikore Studios. This is a great lead story and you owe it to yourself to track down a copy and treat yourself to a chuckle!


Donny Hampton Jacobs said...


I love the Toni Topaz character and used her to advantage in my Archie 4 Adults fan art fantasies, beginning with Part Three when she co-starred with Jughead and Kevin Keller in a musical:

Jon said...

They definitely need to use Toni more often!