Monday, July 20, 2015

"Big Brother 17" Spoilers: Trans Houseguest Audrey Facing Eviction // Did She Try to Quit Tonight??

You might remember that I've been watching "Big Brother 17" this summer? I wrote last month that this season features a gay cashier named Jason, a bi-lesbian poker player named Vanessa, and a trans media consultant named Audrey. Vanessa has done a pretty good job so far of playing people against each other and orchestrating evictions. Jason has floundered a bit, but has demonstrated good social game. But Audrey has been all over the place.

Pretty much, Audrey played too hard too haphazardly too soon this season. She created alliances with everyone and then tried creating too much drama when she was at the point in the game where you're sometimes better off taking a nap. Unfortunately, she got caught stirring the pot one too many times and now nobody trusts her in the game.

She's pretty much ostracized by the House at this point. Nobody wants to talk game with her, because she can't be trusted to keep her mouth shut. But nobody wants to evict her because they figure that the Jury will vote for anyone except Audrey in the end. She could be in worse spots, but she's spending most of her free-time alone at this point.

Unfortunately, she began aggravating some of the other power-players earlier this week. She told this week's HOH Shelli that Jason was coming after her. Shelli initially believed her, but when she finally asked Audrey for more details, Audrey said that she hadn't actually heard him say this. She said that she got this bit of information from listening to Shelli and her friends talking game. Then Audrey aggravated Clay and then she aggravated Vanessa. It's at this point that the power alliance decided to target Audrey for eviction later this week.

It seems that Audrey found out about this plan over the weekend and decided to reveal all sorts of secrets -- because this would convince them to keep her around or something. Of course, nobody believes Audrey at this point so even though she was revealing truths, nobody believed her.

Anyway, they were preparing earlier this afternoon for the Power of Veto ceremony. It was expected that the veto-holder would take down one of the current nominees and that Shelli would then put up Audrey in his place. She told the rest of the House last night that she wants them all to vote out Audrey -- and it appears that they are planning to do this.

Here's the thing. Audrey went to the Diary Room today and didn't come out. She was there for over five hours. No word from the producers. The rest of the Houseguests just kept waiting and waiting and waiting for the POV ceremony and nothing. They were just left to sit and talk and wonder whether Audrey had bailed from the show.

Actually, the assumption -- from Houseguests and feed-watchers alike -- that Audrey left the show. She appeared to have had a anxiety attack last night and earlier today. And like I said, she was pretty much on her own.

Then Audrey suddenly exited the Diary Room over five hours after disappearing and isolated herself in the Have-Not bedroom. Nobody knows where she's been and why she was gone so long.

My guess is that the POV ceremony will happen soon. I will check up on the live-feeds then and report developments as I learn them.

Update: I'm back from my haircut...

Tonight's POV Ceremony is over. Vanessa used the POV to save Jason from eviction. Shelli then nominated Audrey as her replacement nominee.

That means that Audrey will be competing for eviction this Thursday against perenial pawn, Johnny Mac.

By the way, Audrey didn't show up for today's  POV ceremony, choosing to remain in bed.

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