Friday, July 3, 2015

Crowdfund Recommendation: Rebuild Henrytown Lutheran Church

I recently wrote a story about an Iowa widower who found a horrible letter left in his car by a horrible person. He was basically told that God killed his wife because he has officiated over gay weddings in the past. I shared a link to his daughter's GoFundMe page, which was being used to raise money to help pay for his wife's medical and funeral expenses. They are trying to raise $9,000. They had a few hundred dollars when I first linked to the GoFundMe page. They are now (as of this writing) at $5,265!

It's not uncommon these days to here about hundreds, thousands, and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars being raised through crownfunding efforts to help people or businesses that are struggling one way or the other because of social media culture war SNAFUs.

I want to start highlighting other crowdfunding efforts that involve everyday people with everyday needs that are being overshadowed by more blog-worthy stories. I plan to do this as a semi-regular series on this blog. I have given or plan to give to each of these fundraising efforts. Please check out these crowdfunding links and prayerfully consider a donation to any of these efforts.

Crowdfund Recommendation #1: Rebuild Henrytown Lutheran Church: Henrytown Lutheran Church is a historic church community based in Canton, MN. It was originally founded by 26 families back in 1870. A church building was built in 1879. It has been an active church community for the past century, with nearly 200 current members.

Unfortunately, the church was burned to the ground on April 16, 2015:
Henrytown Lutheran Church has returned to the ground on which it stood from a fire on April 16th, 2015. Blessed are those who believe and have faith in God that he has not left us. There are all different types of love and to be so blessed to have been touched by the Holy Spirit in this place of worship is truly a blessing. Our church is our rock and built on one foundation of grace, faith and love that can never be taken away. They say that things happen for a reason and we will never know why but God's plan is always greater.
Henrytown Lutheran's membership is trying to rebuild. Their fundraising goal is ambitious: $50,000. As of this writing, they have raised $815 via GoFundMe.

However, additional donations to Rebuild Henrytown Lutheran Church are being received at First Southeast Bank; 111 N. Main Street; Canton, MN 55922 or First Southeast Bank; 3 Main Avenue North; PO Box 429; Harmony, MN 55939.

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