Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Gay Couple Looks Back 30 Years When Anti-Gay Forces Separated Them From Their Foster Kids

Here is a link to an article about the Massachusetts couple who became the first openly gay foster parents in that state. This took place back in 1985. The couples was caring for two young children when a local paper became aware of their situation. An article was published, despite the couple's request that it be dropped. The culture warriors became incensed. The legislature freaked out. Within a day, both boys were removed from their care. The couple filed a lawsuit against the state over attempts to ban gay people from foster parenting and they were successful. They eventually took in four brothers and adopted all four boys in 1994.

Here is the quote that stands out for me:
Don Babets and David Jean, like others in the gay community, had become urban pioneers, buying a house on Fort Hill in Boston’s Roxbury neighborhood. Babets, who worked for the city, had grown up the oldest of five. Jean, who worked for a nonprofit and was music director at his church, grew up as one of six. So it was only natural, after being together for seven years, that they thought about kids of their own. They applied to be foster parents.

I had no agenda when I went in to do this. I just wanted to be a parent,” Jean said. “I wasn’t trying to prove anything. I wasn’t trying to stir up the pot.
David Jean was talking about foster parenting and adoption here, but this relates to marriage also. Most LGBT people aren't trying to make a statement when we get married or when we take steps to adopt or do surrogacy or whatever. We're just trying to solidify our families.

Just like any other person. It's just that our motives are constantly questioned by people who don't need to question them.

I don't believe that our opponents get that when they rally against us. We are politicized because we have to fight back against political and social forces who actively seek to disrupt our day-to-day lives. Most of us would seriously prefer to focus on the challenges of family life.

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