Saturday, July 18, 2015

I Made a Brief Appearance Today on the "Riverdale Podcast!"

I was catching up with my podcasts late this past week. One of those podcasts was Riverdale Podcast, where Jonathan reviewed ARCHIE #1. He falsely identified Sheila Wu as Ginger Lopez, which prompted me yesterday morning to give him a call and correct him.

My call was included on this morning's program, which is always fun!:
Hey Jonathan! It's Jon from Iowa City! I was calling you. I had just heard your latest podcast about ARCHIE #1. I apologize for calling in so late and hopefully I'll make it for the show. I was busy at a local convention all weekend and I'm just catching up with my podcasts.

You were talking about ARCHIE #1 and about Ginger Lopez being in it, but actually that red haired girl -- the girl with red bangs is actually Sheila Wu. And then the girl that's with Sheila and Kevin, that's Maria... I forget her last name. The one who dated Frankie in the old continuity. So that's who Kevin's little gang is right now. So I thought I would let you know about that.

The other thing, as long as I'm calling. I just wanted to thought I would call and say how much I've been liking the digests lately from Archie Comics. I have appreciated how much that they have been publishing new stories featuring a lot of classic characters. We just had Gisele doing artwork on Sabrina and Josie & the Pussycats in different ones.

Just this last week, we got JUGHEAD & ARCHIE COMICS DOUBLE DIGEST #14. And there's this great character who was introduced in these original short stories called Dede who's taken over the comic book shop. And she's got this weird broken triangle with Archie and Jughead where Archie's chasing after Dede and Dede's chasing after Jughead and Jughead just wants nothing to do with it! And I really like this character and I really hope they keep her around for a while, which is kind of odd considering that they're rebooting a lot of the main titles and yet they're introducing a new character based off the old character designs.

I just thought I'd throw that in. So, I'm just liking a lot of the stuff that's coming out from Archie -- a lot of the Dark Circle stuff. I'm hoping that the Archie Horror books will start picking up more regularly again soon. I'm just liking the whole bunch when they're there.

I will talk to you later! Bye bye!
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