Friday, July 10, 2015

Nevada IA Woman Upset // Fire Trucks Used in Former Fire Chief's Funeral Procession

Rhonda Applegate currently plans to run for city council in Nevada, IA. She is currently in the news after posting a video criticizing the use of fire and emergency vehicles at the funeral procession of former Colo Fire Chief Mark Farren, who recently died of cancer after serving with the Colo Fire Department for 32 years:
This is just another example of inappropriate use of our emergency services and vehicles! This man was not even a Nevada fire fighter. The death of or firefighter should not be more special than any death. We do not use emergency personnel, or employees to honor people, and firefighters, police, soldiers, ems, etc are just people like all of us. I am sorry for Mark's family. But I need to address this issue as a potential city representative. I also received a private message from a citizen, asking me to address this, as well as our girls sports teams being allowed to use our equipment, and personnel. As a delegated representative, I will make sure that our resources are no longer abused.
Those with the Nevada Fire Department dismissed Applegate's concerns:
Nevada Fire Department leaders said processions like these aren't a question of cost, but one of tradition. "I would think after 40 years of dedicating his entire life to someone other than himself, boy the last thing we could do was dedicate a little time," said Ray Reynolds, director of the Nevada Fire and EMS Department. Nevada firefighters volunteered to take part in the procession. Reynolds said the only cost was less than $50 for the tank of gas used in the truck.

"People do provide their opinion and we respect that as far as this department. We will continue as a department to respect the tradition of the American fire service," said Reynolds.
As far as I've been able to see, pretty much every commenter has disagreed with Applegate's position, which might not bode well for her campaign.

A quick online search reveals that Applegate has a history of disagreements with her local government, including the time that the City of Nevada forced her to get rid of her 30-inch-tall horse Putt-Putt back in 2004 and the time back in October 2014 when she received a $385 littering fine for dumping horse manure in front of Nevada City Hall.

You can watch the entire funeral procession video at this link.

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Anonymous said...

Rhonda is a troll who can not help but be jealous of others and what they have done. This man gave up a large chunk of his life and missed countless family and life events to protect the greater good. When a youth sports team excels, why not honor them with a parade and such as it can be a life long high light. I hope Rhonda never needs emergency services but if she does we/they will be there because that's what we have all sworn to do no matter who, when or where even when it's a troll who cuts us down just so she can read her name in the paper again. The world needs to ignore her but I feel I can't this time as the chief needs to be honored and saluted even if that means laying him to rest in his truck.