Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Pat Robertson: Abortion & Same-Sex Marriage Now // Polygamy & Legalized Child Sex Abuse Tomorrow!

Pat Robertson took a meandering stroll down the slippery slope from legalized abortion to legalized sodomy to legalized marriage equality and all the way down to legalized polygamy and child sex abuse and man/animal love affairs.

It happened this morning on this morning's "700 Club" when co-host Terry Meeuwsen shared the following question by a man named Thomas during the program's Bring It On segment: "The pro-abortion community says a fetus isn’t a “human” until born, but they’re obviously human enough to harvest their very human body parts. Yet there are legal experts that say these actions MAY fall within legal parameters. How could this kind of sociopathic hypocrisy possibly be legal?"

Here is Pat's response:
Pat Robertson: The whole thing is screwed up when you have Roe vs. Wade *gibberish* abortion. It wasn’t based on any law whatsoever. Any he made it up on sociological – faulty sociological grounds. And we have this confusion. The Supreme Court has ruled on so many things. They’ve messed things up because they haven’t allowed the reason or our collective consciousness to play, but they’ve come up with these strange rules. Same thing about separation between church and state, etc. So, it’s hypocrisy? Yes! 

You watch what’s going to happen now. They’ve said that abortion is a constitutional right. They have said that homosexuality is a constitutional right. They have now said that homosexual marriage is a constitutional right. Watch what happens. Love affairs between men and animals will be absolutely permitted. Polygamy without question is going to be permitted. *Gibberish* More and more and more and more and more… 

Terry Meeuwsen: Relationships with children. There have been groups that have been trying to push that for a long time. 

Pat Robertson: Well, they’re going to succeed now because intellectually you can’t get around these Supreme Court decisions. The problem is people can’t move anymore. They’re elected official can’t make any decisions and consequently we are stuck with a fixed doctrine of 5 old men on the Supreme Court. Five men with black robes – they’re not all old anymore.
You can watch the whole segment here.

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