Monday, July 13, 2015

Response to the Newspaper Letter Writer Who Worries that Gay Marriage Will Destroy America

So this letter appeared this weekend in the Press-Citizen expressing concerns about same-sex marriage in America:
America is well on its way to moral destruction. As civilizations have proceeded down the pathway of moral deterioration, the acceptance of same-sex relations has typically triggered the final stages of social implosion. Calling a union of two persons of the same sex a “marriage” is a misnomer.

In the Bible and human history, marriage is a divinely ordered institution designed to form a loving, permanent union between one man and one woman for one purpose: of propagating the human race. The “traditional” family unit is also the foundation for a strong society.

Homosexuality goes against this and the very laws of nature, science and creation. It is about “a choice” of the 3 percent who engage in it — not a civil right; to call it that is a slam to the black community and everything they have accomplished. The highly respectable leader Martin Luther King Jr. was opposed to homosexuality and today would (wrongly) be called a bigot or homophobe. According to the CDC, it’s a very unhealthy lifestyle as homosexual men have much higher rates of HIV infections, syphilis cases, Hepatitis A & B cases; and have major depressions; and bipolar/anxiety disorders. Like any immoral sexual act outside of a healthy (man/woman) marriage, there is a price to pay. This country will ultimately pay the price if we continue on this path.
I'm always curious about Iowans who express concerns over the existence of same-sex marriage -- particularly since Iowa has been a marriage equality state for over six years. There have been a handful of hiccups, but it's mostly been a non-issue.

I'm also intrigued when people point to the Bible and say that it has always had "one man and one woman" model -- particularly when you consider the various types of plural marriages that existed within the Bible. Not to mention, plural marriages have continued to coexist with monogamous relationships in different corners of the world. They might not be prevalent here in the USA, but they exist elsewhere.

As for Martin Luther King Jr., it's worth noting that his wife has indicated that he would have been in support of LGBT rights and possibly marriage equality itself, even while his surviving daughter denies this. Either way, he's been gone for over four decades.

As for STD rates, marriage equality doesn't increase opportunities for infections. On the contrary, it would seem to reduce the likelihood of sexually transmitted infections -- assuming that a married couple is sexually monogamous. STD's don't generate on their own, after all.

I would argue that America's moral nature has been eroding for decades -- not because of LGBT people, but because of the way we as a society treat our working people and our environment. But it's easier to blame everything on an admittedly small group of Americans and ignore the more prevalent elephant within our country. I truly worry about the price that we're continuing to pay for ignoring these economic and environmental realities.

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