Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Archie & Cosmo the Merry Martian Repel a Robotic Invasion in JUGHEAD & ARCHIE JUMBO COMICS DIGEST #15!

I was pretty excited when I began reading JUGHEAD AND ARCHIE JUMBO COMICS DIGEST #15 this week. Not only did it feature the return of Cosmo the Merry Martian, but it also directly referenced his last appearance in ARCHIE #655. I'm always pleasantly surprised when Archie Comics acknowledges its continuity, but that story was a wicked fun story involving Cosmo and a group of super-powered space aliens known as the "Good Guys of the Galaxy."

I'm embarrassed to admit that it took an entire sit-down reading of this comic book to realize that they Archie Comics was riffing on Marvel Comics' Guardians of the Galaxy team! *Shame*

Anyway, this original lead story begins with Archie seeking the perfect birthday present for Veronica Lodge. I mean, what do you get the girl who already has everything? He turns to Jughead, who in turn seeks advice from Dilton. Dilton shows off some super-Internet tech, which accidentally sends a signal off to Mars! That call ends up connecting Archie to Cosmo, who's more than happy to help out his red-headed human friend during his time of need!

Cosmo teleports to Riverdale and offers Archie the ultimate source of indulgence: a robotic servant named Tor! Fortunately, Archie is all about economic justice and quickly realizes that it would be totally uncool to cause Smithers to lose his butler position!

Cosmo begins racking his brain for a new idea while Jughead begins experimenting with Tor's control panel -- which was a terrible idea!! It seems that Tor is the ultimate robot. Not only is he equipped to provide high quality housekeeping services -- he also has an "invasion mode," which is activated by the simple touch of a button!

Who designs these things???

Tor immediately smashes up Dilton's laboratory and then heads out into Riverdale, fully prepared to subjugate the town's entire population!!

You really need to pick up this comic book digest -- complete with dozens of classic tales featuring Jughead, the Riverdale Gang, Hot Dog, and That Wilkin Boy -- to figure out how Archie, Cosmo, and Juggie divert a robotic invasion, as well as figure out the solution to Veronica's unrealized birthday gift!

"From Mars With Love" was written and penciled by Fantastic Fernando Ruiz, inked by Unbeatable Bob Smith, lettered by Jovial Jack Morelli, and colored by the Dedicated Digikore Studios!

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