Sunday, August 30, 2015

Austin Armacost of "A-List: New York" Competing on Latest "Celebrity Big Brother"

I have been a fan of CBS' "Big Brother" since its first season. I generally watch every episode until mid-season. Then the Houseguests vote out all of my favorites and my attendance peters out for the rest of the season. That's pretty much where I'm at right now.

But here's some fun "Big Brother" news from the UK... The latest season of "Celebrity Big Brother" just began and it features Austin Armacost!

I'm sure that most of you are wondering who Austin Armacost is?? I keep being told that he's most famous for being the ex-boyfriend of Marc Jacobs, but I don't know who Marc Jacobs is. I know Austin for being the resident bad boy on Logo's "The A-List: New York." He was the former model whom everyone called fat -- even though he's fitter than most men. He liked to drink and eat and cause trouble with the other guys.

He ended up getting booed by the "CBB" audience for saying that British customer service sucks, which he initially brushed off. But it bugged him enough that he brought it up to the other Celebrity Houseguests and learned that nobody else got booed.

Obviously, I'm not going to be able to watch the show from the USA. But I really can't wait to hear gossip about this newest season of "Celebrity Big Brother!"

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