Friday, August 28, 2015

CBN News Reports on KY County Clerk Kim Davis' Refusal to Issue Marriage Licenses Because of the Gays // Calls Her "Embattled"

CBN reported on the "County Clerk Kim Davis refusing to issue marriage licenses to the people of her community because she disagrees with gays marrying" situation. She is being supported by another county clerk named Casey Davis (no relation).

This is what CBN had to say:
A Kentucky county clerk is bike riding across the state to bring attention to the plight of Kim Davis. She is the clerk who is fighting a legal battle for her refusal to issue marriage licenses. Casey County clerk, Casey Davis, will bike ride over 460 miles across the state. Kim Davis is the clerk in Rowan County and she is still refusing to issue marriage licenses, even after a federal appeals court upheld a judge’s directive to issue the licenses this week. Because of her Christian faith, Davis stopped issuing all licenses after the Supreme Court made gay marriage a constitutional right. Casey Davis has also stopped issuing licenses because of his faith, but so far he is not facing a legal battle.
I'm pretty sure that these clerks never issued a faith-based litmus test for those seeking marriage licenses before the Supreme Court decision. God forbid that these clerks process the paperwork necessary for these citizens to get married. It's been noted that Kim Davis has been divorced and remarried several times in her lifetime. Imagine if a Catholic county clerk had refused to process her paperwork.

As it is, she would prefer that the citizens of Davis' county -- those very same people who'd originally voted her into office -- will need to travel out of county. This is a time- and money-burden for the people of her county. Hopefully, enough people will rally against both Kim Davis and Casey Davis on their next election cycle.

Update: As noted by CBN News, Casey Davis from Casey County, KY, rode his bike to Rowan County, KS, in order to support Kim Davis' right to avoid doing her job.

Casey Davis arrived this morning in in Rowan County was greeted by Kim Davis and several of her supporters:
The Rowan County Clerk came outside to welcome Casey Davis, who began his trek Thursday morning. The Casey County Clerk showed some emotion as he spoke about his journey. The two of them, who are not related, but say they are brother and sister in Christ, spent about 30 minutes inside the Rowan County Clerk's office. 

"I don't hate these people. Kim doesn't hate these people. Kim is not trying to keep them from getting what they want," Casey Davis said. "I mean, I've ridden a bike across how many counties? They can drive in a car much easier today and go get that if that's what they want."
Actually, Casey Davis assumes that everyone in his county and in Kim Davis' county have cars that make it easy for them to travel from county to county. They also assume that everyone has the time to travel to random counties throughout the state of Kentucky looking for a county clerk that actually performs his or her job duties instead of, for example, riding his bike across the state of Kentucky or attending political rallies.

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