Thursday, August 20, 2015

CBN's "700 Club" Reports on the Josh Duggar/"Ashley Madison" Scandal

My frequent themes are crossing over this morning. CBN's "700 Club" discussed the news that Josh Duggar was one of the paid subscribers to the Ashley Madison "cheating spouse" website for about 40 seconds. Here's what Wendy Griffith had to say about it:
The Bible says, “Your sins will find you out.” And now some hackers are making sure of it. They’ve stolen information from nearly 40 million private accounts on the Ashley Madison website, which helps people cheat on their spouse. The hacking is threatening to expose countless public officials since thousands of accounts have government email addresses. And it appears to have claimed its first high profile victim. reports that Josh Duggar paid nearly $1,000 to subscribe to the site over several years. Duggar was forced to resign from the Family Research Council this year after he was exposed for molesting his younger sisters as a teenager.
You can watch that segment here.

I still haven't seen any official response from any of the Duggars or from the TLC Network.

Incidentally, it's worth nothing that Duggar was an executive leader for the Family Research Council and actively advocating against LGBT rights and families while actively seeking to cheat on his wife.

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