Friday, August 21, 2015

Check Out Edinburgh Manor on "Ghost Adventures" -- 8:00 PM CST on Saturday, 08/22/15, on the Travel Channel

I've written before about Edinburgh Manor over in Scotch Grove, IA. Edinburgh Manor -- referred affectionately by me in the past as "the Addams Family House" -- is this creepy old residential care facility that's out in the middle of the countryside that served people with chronic mental illnesses for years. The building kept getting older and creepier and more and more costly to maintain, so the residents all moved to a new location in Anamosa and Edinburgh Manor itself eventually a full-time destination for ghost hunting groups to reserve and investigate. (I've written before about Edinburgh Manor here, here, and here).

The big news is that Edinburgh Manor will be featured tomorrow night on the 11th season premier of "Ghost Adventures." I don't know much about the program, though it features a group of paranormal investigators. The sneak peek video is pretty crazy and filled with lots of psychotic imagery:
This place housed the incurably insane... It is a cauldron of violent, dark energy.
Another video revealed that the had been a tornado warning while they were visiting and that a storm had actually touched ground in a nearby community. But that was supposedly a good thing, because the storm would shake up all sorts of paranormal energy and that would look good on camera as they tried to agitate the ghosts! And the ghosts at Edinburgh Manor are a fairly agitated bunch. They made a big deal out of violent attacks by various spirits against various visitors.

Husband Mark and I went on a day trip recently around Iowa. I wanted to check-out a hotel that's for sale, but I also wanted to show him Edinburgh Manor as he'd never seen it before. There's a cool ghost town right next to it (i.e., Scotch Grove), but that's blocked off from the public except on special occasions.

After peeking over the fence at all of the old buildings in Scotch Grove, we drove up next to the old RCF and checked out the outside of the building from the car. No ghosts were seen, but we weren't really looking. The building is still pretty cool -- though it's kind of sad just sitting out there by itself with nobody inside.

Edinburgh Manor will be featured tomorrow night on "Ghost Adventures." You can watch the episode on the Travel Channel at 8:00 PM CST.

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