Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Conservative Bloggers Mistake Iowa's Flag for the Mexican Flag

There was a Democratic Presidential Forum this past weekend in Clear Lake, IA. I wasn't there, but one of my college friends was. A NPR guy tweeted the following image:

Gateway Pundit, a conservative blogger posted an image, initially proclaiming, "PHOTO=> Democrats Now Displaying Mexican And LBGTQ Flags at Their Campaign Events in Iowa:"
Leave it to the Democrat party to include the Mexican flag and the rainbow LGBTQLMNOP+ flag at their Presidential forum in Iowa tonight… Right next to the POW-MIA flag. Looks like someone goofed up and accidentally included a few American flags, which I’m sure someone will find “offensive” and demand they be removed.
Gateway Pundit then shared a closer image of the offending "Mexican" flag:

This was shared by Young Conservatives, who ranted even more about the offending flag:
We support illegal aliens and immoral actions more than the average, workaday American. Illegals strengthen our communities, and homosexuality is natural.

I give you, the motto of the Left. Unfortunately, they’re too cowardly to just come right out and say so. Sure, they’ll do it subtly, but without real adults in charge, they’re forced to take the elementary route. 

You’d think with as much as liberals love to collect tax dollars they wouldn’t be so keen on illegal immigration, but what really makes sense about anything Democrats do?
Here's the funny part. It's not the Mexican flag. It's the official state flag of Iowa that has these bloggers so upset. Gateway Pundit has since scrubbed itself clearm from references to the Mexican flag, focusing now only on the rainbow flag that's also in the auditorium. There's a note that the article has been updated, but nothing to indicate what exactly was updated -- unless you look at the comments section.

Young Conservatives actually explicitly corrected themselves, which I feel was very good and upfront of them:
Update (August 16): It appears the flag in question is the Iowa State flag, not the Mexican flag. We apologize for not catching this error by the source.
Of course, they still don't like the gays. But that's why I don't vote GOP.

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