Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Crowdfund Recommendation: Local Radio for Everyone: KICI 105.3 FM

I've written before about crowdfunding efforts that I support. I thought that I would highlight a GoFundMe fundraiser for a new "public access" radio project here in Iowa City: Local Radio: KICI 105.3 FM.

Here is the page's description:
Uptown Bill's/Extend the Dream has received a license from the FCC to operate a radio station. In keeping with our mission, this is to be community radio for everyone -- for people of all abilities. 

Right now, we need to raise $15,000. That will pay for the costs of engineering and equipment to get us on the air. 

Our goal is to be broadcasting by this fall. Help us get on the air with a tax-deductible contribution. 
I am pretty excited about KICI 105.3 FM. I look forward to what Iowa City has to say -- and I have an idea about things that I might want to say also!

The fundraising goal is set at $15,000. So far, it's stalled at $1,295.

I've given $50 so far. I encourage you to donate some money, too.


Craig said...

Thanks for the endorsement! And thanks for coming to the meeting.

Jon said...

No problem! Thanks for letting me be there. I hope to find a way to get involved.

Holly Hart said...

Thank you, Jon! Raising public awareness, as we as finds, is a great service. Thank you for your interest in joining the project, too!