Friday, August 7, 2015

Iowa City Man Gets Booked for Drunk Driving // Poses for Snapchat Selfie with Arresting Officer

A 20-year-old Iowa City man is in the local news after he got arrested for drunk driving -- and then posed for a Snapchat selfie with his arresting officer.

According to the Iowa City Press-Citizen, the Iowa City man was pulled over early yesterday morning for speeding. The Iowa City Police officer noticed "an odor of ingested alcohol." According to the paper, the man admitted to smoking marijuana before driving.

The driver was being tested for alcohol and drug use when he made an usual request:
While being tested, (Officer Ben) Hektoen wrote in his report that (the driver) “requested to take a Snapchat selfie with me to which I happily obliged,” according to the complaint. Phelps then captioned the photo using a police car emoji, a passenger car emoji and a tow truck emoji, the complaint said.
The driver was charged with drunken driving.

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