Sunday, August 16, 2015

North Liberty Couple Upset After Their #BlackLivesMatter Yard-Sign Was Stolen

We were visiting family over leading into the weekend, but watched a new article involving the former pastor of our church. His family has found themselves in the midst of a local controversy involving a stolen "Black Lives Matter" yard-sign:
A couple expressed disappointment after a Black Lives Matter sign in their front yard disappeared earlier this week.

“I put it up on the Fourth of July and it sat there undisrupted for the entire month,” said Brian Brandsmeier, who lives on South Park Ridge Road.

Brandsmeier, a former clergyperson in St. Louis, said he received a total of two signs from his friends who designed them in Missouri earlier this summer. As a result he was able to quickly replace the missing sign. But it didn’t take long before someone demanded the new sign come down, Brandsmeier said.

“Somebody came to our house while we were eating supper and demanded that we take the sign out of our yard, and said the city of North Liberty doesn’t allow incendiary signs,” he said. “I’m a white guy, my wife is white, my kids are white, but it doesn’t mean that other lives don’t matter, or other lives are less or more important, it just means all lives are important, but black lives are important too.”

“I think it’s a nice reminder in this culture of white privilege that we live in to just say, ‘Hey, black lives matter too,’” said Sara Klosterboer, who is married to Brandsmeier.
The couple said in the news article that they plan to file a complaint with North Liberty's city council. They also confirmed with the city and their "Black Lives Matter" sign does not violate any city ordinances.

Brian and Sara have blogged this week about why they support the #BlackLivesMatter cause. You can read their thoughts about it here.

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