Monday, August 10, 2015

Pat Robertson: Gay-Affirming Churches Are Leading Gay People & Allies Directly to Hell

Pat Robertson was dissing gay-affirming churches (such as my own Faith UCC or the Gay Christian Network) earlier today on CBN's "700 Club." He was doing his daily Bring It On segment when a viewer asked about attending a gay-affirming church.

Co-host Terry Meeuwsen shared the following question by an anonymous viewer: "I was visiting a church with a Christian friend of mine. I was shocked that the pastor was openly gay and talked about this with everyone. I asked my friend if he accepted this and he said he did because he did not think it was a sin. I left the church later and told my friend I would not be going back because I think it is a sin against Christianity. Was I right or wrong to leave?"

Here is Pat's response:
Pat Robertson: The Bible is very explicit about that. The Old Testament has called it an abomination. It’s an abomination for a man to lie with another man as with a woman. An abomination. The apostle Paul said, “no homosexual or adulterer or fornicator is going to enter the kingdom of Heaven.” 

So, there’s no question about it. And to have a church saying it’s not a sin. It’s okay. They’re leading people down the road to Perdition. It’s a shame, but if I were you I would stay far away from them, because… We love the sinner, but hate the sin. But nevertheless, it’s a problem.
In other words, gay-affirming churches are leading people directly to Hell.

I've written before about Paul and what I believe about gay people, celibacy, and marriage.

As far as abominations, there is a pretty comprehensive list of them in the Bible. It means that you're falling short. Essentially it's sinning. Eating "unclean" foods is an abomination. Lying is an abomination. Cheating is an abomination. Being proud is an abomination. Wearing the clothes of the opposite sex is an abomination. The list goes on.

I'm not saying that gay sex cannot be sinful. I am saying that same-sex marriage is not sinful. Hence, sex within those marriages is not sinful.

Basically, Robertson is doing his best to promote a meme that gay people are against God and against Christianity -- which is actually harmful to LGBT people. It separates LGBT people from the Church and it separates us from our families. There's a new gay teen on GCN this week who's being spiritually abused by his parents who practice Roberton's brand of anti-gay Christianity. I predict that their relationship will be permanently damaged. Or he will find himself yoked heterosexually with some unaware woman -- only to bring misery to his entire family. Very sad.

You can watch the whole segment here.

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