Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Pat Robertson: Gays Will Never Be Happy

CBN’s “700 Club” did an ex-gay segment today featuring an entertainer named Bill Walker. He says that he didn’t get affection from his father, so he began crushing on other boys. He began performing with his siblings in Las Vegas. He became a Christian and eventually prayed away the gay. He eventually married a woman and now leads a church.

Bill’s story lead to the following monologue by Pat Robertson:
You see, God knows who you are. God knows us. He knows what’s going on in our minds and our hearts and our bodies. He knows all about you and me. And he knows the lust that is there. He knows the kind of people we are. 

And a case like Bill… I just commend him because he recognized what he was doing was not according to the Bible. And he wanted to live for Christ. And the Lord himself moved into his heart and transformed him. And those desires were supplanted by the love of Christ. 

The Lord can give you deliverance. It used to be that psychiatrists would tell people how to come out of this, now they tell you how to stay in it and be happy. Well, you’ll never be happy unless you’re happy in Jesus. And if you have, deep in your heart, a feeling of guilt and shame… You’ll never get right until you get right with the Lord.
He then led the audience in a prayer of confession and deliverance.

It's interesting to note that Robertson condemned today's mental health professional for assisting today's gays with becoming comfortable with their sexuality. Especially since the previous segment described how all of the counselors that Bill had seen had failed to bring about any ex-gay success.

Personally, I don't doubt that there are people who find themselves "healed" of their homosexuality -- or at least, go through periods of change. Maybe Bill is one of them. I just haven't seen it first hand. But I have met lots of gay Christians who've filled themselves with shame and guilt for the feelings that they pray to rid themselves of and yet never go away.

In that, I agree with Pat Robertson. You will never be happy until you overcome the guilt and the shame in your life.

You can watch the whole (long) segment here.

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