Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Pat Robertson: Jesus Made It Okay for Women to Wear Pants -- But Cross-Dressing Men Are Still Problematic!

Pat Robertson realized that co-host Terry Meeuwsen was wearing pants this morning on CBN's "700 Club." That revelation came during their Bring It On segment, when a woman named Mercy asked a question about women wearing pants. Pat assured Mercy (and Terry) that it's okay for women to wear pants. After all, Jesus fulfilled the Law.

But he's still troubled by trans women! That's still problematic, in Pat's mind.

It all started when Terry shared Mercy's question: "Some people say it’s wrong for women to wear pants because the Bible says that a woman should not wear clothes that “pertain unto a man.” I am confused about this whole thing. Please explain to me so that I do not make the wrong choice."

Here is Pat's response:
Pat Robertson: First of all, there are moral commands in the Law that stays forever. You know, like “Love your neighbor” and that kind of stuff. “Love God with all your heart…” But the dietary restrictions and the dress code was done away with. Jesus… He fulfilled the Law himself. So we’re not under the Law. 

But I think, when you look at some of these men who cross-dress… I mean, this gets to be a problem! 

Nevertheless… You can wear a pantsuit and, I guess you wouldn’t want to see Hillary Clinton breaking the Law. She mostly wears pantsuits. 

Terry Meeuwsen: You certainly wouldn’t want to see that. 

Pat Robertson: *Pointing at Terry* You’re wearing pants! 

Terry Meeuwsen: *Chuckles* I am. 

Pat Robertson: You are! 

Terry Meeuwsen: I am. 

Pat Robertson: You’re not breaking the Law, I hope. 

Terry Meeuwsen: I certainly hope not. 

Pat Robertson: She’s not breaking the law.
You can watch the whole segment here.

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