Saturday, August 22, 2015

Seven Reasons to Enjoy ARCHIE #2!

I already wrote a bit about ARCHIE #2 and already shared that it was really, really good. There weren't as many variant covers to this issue, but Husband Mark managed to pick my favorite cover. It's the one featuring artwork by Erica Henderson. This is Archie Comics' relaunch of their main character. New art. New origins. New sensibilities. I was apprehensive, but so far am liking it a lot.

I wrote earlier this week about liking the origin of Jughead's nickname. Here are some other things to enjoy about ARCHIE #2:

1. Archie is a huge clutz: Archie has no money and needs work. But relaunched Archie is just as much of a clumsy oaf as preboot Archie ever was! This has resulted in several lost job opportunities. Spectacular lost job opportunities:

2. Trev has the moves: Betty got hooked up (by Jughead, no less) with Trev at a dance last week. It was part of his indirect effort to eventually draw Archie and Betty back together after the infamous "Lipstick Incident." Betty is still ambivalent, but Trev really wants to connect. It doesn't turn out well for Kid Rebound!

3. No jalopy, but Archie still has a junker: Archie's jalopy might be relegated to history, but he still has a beater vehicle that promises to break down at inopportune moments.

4. Did I mention that Betty is ambivalent??: Betty's friends might be trying to move on from Archie and Betty's big break-up, but Betty is still moping around. It's her birthday and all of her friends are invited to her party -- except for the boy next-door who's been the staple of her life for years. How long before Betty decides to give Archie another chance?

5. Will Archie survive his new part-time job constructing Lodge Manor?: As noted above, Archie needs a job. Fortunately, there's plenty of temporary work at the construction site of Lodge Manor. Unfortunately, it's construction work. At least, he has several friends (namely Chuck, Dilton, Nancy, Raj, and Kevin) who are committed to ensuring that he survives his first shift with minimal injury. Too bad. It's not enough...

6. Archie Falls Head-Over-Heels for Veronica Lodge -- Will Mr. Lodge Survive the Encounter??: The Lodges are a new ultra-rich, billionaire family who just moved to Riverdale. Up until now, we haven't seen Veronica Lodge. Archie just set his eyes on her beautiful face -- with collisive results!

7. Two-Fisted Toni Topaz -- Relaunched!!! Give that girl her own title! 'Nuff said!

Betty does something really nice for Archie towards the end of the book and there's hints that she will try mending things between them. But Veronica's arrival won't help with that, I'm sure!

ARCHIE #2 was written by Mark Waid, with art by Fiona Staples, colors by Andre Szymanowicz & Jen Vaughn, and letters by Jack Morelli.


DC Hampton Jacobs said...

I must admit, this looks good, despite my reservations about Fiona Apple's artwork and the retention of Jughead's 1930s-era beanie. Veronica is appropriately glamorous.

Anonymous said...

@DC Hampton Jacobs It's Fiona Staples, not Apple....