Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Girls Return to Riverdale in BETTY & VERONICA #277 // Six Reasons to be Glad It's Done!

"Farewell Riverdale" wrapped up this week in BETTY & VERONICA #277. There's not much that I can say about it. I was pretty excited about the storyline. I was looking forward to the girls' overseas adventures. I was looking forward to the new girls (Banni from India and Violette from France) assuming a prominent place within Riverdale's teen population.

Instead, most of the storyline was a huge mope-fest!

We spent the first two issues waiting for the girls to leave and then a full third issue waiting for the new girls to show up. And then Archie ended up being overly depressing without either Betty or Veronica around him. And then this latest issue was an entire issue devoted to the girls realizing that they really miss Riverdale, as well as their sluggish wrap-up!

The issue ended with Betty and Veronica returning to Riverdale and everyone glad to have them. So nothing really changed. The girls are now back, Archie is happy, and things will revert to normal.

Ultimately, this felt like a final issue for the series -- and I'm pretty sure that it is the next-to-final issue of the series. Next issue will be a prom-themed issues -- which is funny because they very pointedly had a prom inserted into this issue. But who's to say that Riverdale High cannot have two separate proms in two subsequent issues of BETTY & VERONICA?

After that, the series will be relaunched -- and I'm pretty sure that this will be a good thing. This series has floundered for the past few years. We've floated between "fairy tale princess" stories and "overly emotional foreign exchange" stories for too long. I think we're ready for something fresh and new.

Meanwhile, here are some things that stood out in this issue:

1. Betty & Veronica Have Grown During their Studies (At Least, Ronnie Has...): Even after they stopped masquerading as each other last issue, Veronica has managed to keep hold of her inner-Betty and Betty has managed to keep hold of her own inner-Veronica.


2. Jughead and Dilton Are the New Archie and Reggie: When the girls left the USA, who knew that Riverdale resident woman-hater and nerd would hook up with their replacements? At least these guys don't keep juggling their new girlfriends like Archie typically does with his girls!

3. Teen Love Only Goes So Far: The school year is wrapping up. That means that Banni and Violette both have to go. It's possible that we will see some long-distance romance action within the digests -- but don't count on it!


4. Archie and Reggie Are Pathetic: These guys are constantly chasing after girls. But they cannot function while B&V are overseas? I really don't buy it.

5. Bye Banni! Bye Violette!: It's time for our two international girls to go back home. You would think that they ready to see their families and their old friends again -- but first they both need a good sob!

6. Nobody Told Betty & Veronica About the Relaunch?: Imagine that you went away for a while and then returned to find that everything that you knew about Riverdale was the same, and yet completely different? I think someone needs to break it to the girls gently...

"I Gotta Be Me" was written by Michael Uslan, penciled by Dan Parent, inked by Bob Smith, colored by Glenn Whitmore, and lettered by Jack Morelli.

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